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In the course of Christian formation, those baptized at an early age are expected — when they are ready and have been appropriately prepared — to make a mature public affirmation of faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism, and to receive laying on of hands by the bishop. Confirmation is an intentional choice to deepen ones relationship with God through mature membership and increased participation in the church community. For youth being confirmed, confirmation often marks the point at which one moves into spiritual adulthood, usually in late middle school or in high school. 

The Confirmation Project
The Christian Youth: Learning and Living the Faith Project (CY: LLF) seeks to learn the extent to which confirmation and equivalent practices (CEP) in five Protestant denominations in North America are effective for strengthening discipleship in youth.

Signed Sealed Delivered
Following a history of how the rite of Confirmation came about and its implications for youth and adults in the church today, voices in the Episcopal Church (bishops, liturgical scholars, confirmation leaders, and youth themselves) offer fresh viewpoints here in a conversational format to engage the reader.

Recommended resources for youth confirmation instruction
Confirm not Conform: From Scripture to Sacraments, the topics covered in Confirm Not Conform encourage young people to “claim their faith for themselves.” Youth are invited to wrestle with their beliefs in the context of The Episcopal Church and learn skills for articulating their faith journey. Pricing for this curriculum is based on a congregation’s average Sunday attendance.

My Faith, My Life:  For teen study and confirmation preparation, this book can serve as a curriculum for helping teens discover Scripture, church history, sacraments, the meaning and practice of prayer, and what ministry means in the lives of real teens today. Includes study guide questions; print companion Leader’s Guide sold separately.

Sealed and Sent Forth: Leader Resources’ confirmation program, intended to work with Journey to Adulthood (J2A).
This confirmation program is based on the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) program. It examines what it means to be a Christian, an Episcopalian and invites participants to examine what a particular Christian community does and means. The sessions are suitable for confirmation preparation for both youth and adults new to the church. Sessions include worship, historical and theological content, discussion, reflection and community building.

Recommended resources for adult confirmation instruction
Your Faith, Your Life:
This guide for newcomers and confirmands unpacks the Episcopal Church’s language of worship, theology, church structure, and sacraments, giving readers vocabulary and framework to share their beliefs and practices, explore the Bible, practice prayer and discern their ministries within the church. Complimentary downloadable leaders guide for your parish study group.
Discovery Series
The Discovery Series is a video series designed to help all Christians discover their own path to a life in Christ. Use it as a foundation for new Christians, confirmation classes or continuing Christian education. The series places a remarkable resource into the hands of all congregations, regardless of their size or available staff. 

The Discovery Series is also available in Spanish.

Confirm not Conform
This curriculum provides a safe place for adults to explore the breadth of the Christian tradition, to ask questions and express their doubts, and to discover what they truly believe. Pricing is based on a congregation’s average Sunday attendance.

If you are new to the Episcopal Church and have already been baptized in another denomination, you may wish to renew your faith life. If this is the case, you may be Received or Confirmed in the Episcopal Church; rites which your local parish (insert link here to find a parish) can help you learn about and discern whether they are appropriate for you. Wherever you come from and whatever your faith background, the Episcopal Church welcomes you!